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Hi! My name is Eleanor (or Ellie!) and I am a senior studying Computer Science at Brown University, graduating with a BSc in December 2020. I plan to complete Brown's 1-year Masters in CS from January-December 2021, and am thus seeking an internship for Summer 2021. I am really excited to use this time as an opportunity to further expand my knowledge of computer science and become familiar with another industry model.


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This September (2020) I began working in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Brown University’s Center for Biomedical Informatics. My team is in the early stages of using unsupervised learning on sequencer data to relate phenotypes to genotypes with the goal of understanding implications for cardiological health.

From May-August 2020 I was fortunate enough to gain experience as a Frontend Software Engineering Intern at Percipient.ai. I worked as part of an agile team on bug fixing and feature development using JavaScript, JSX, React, Redux, and CSS. My main focus was on building a new UI from the ground up for a brand new feature. As part of this iterative process, I had continuous discussions with my backend team member and our product manager/UI/UX designer about building intuitive user interactions and shaping the future capabilities of the feature. I was responsible for demoing my progress on this new feature to the company every few weeks.

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In Brown's Visual Computing Lab I was part of a team, led by Professor Andy van Dam and funded by Microsoft and Adobe, that is working on building a document-based hypermedia platform called Dash utilizing TypeScript, HTML, CSS, React, and MobX.

During the summer of 2018 I worked in the Bioengineering Lab of Brown's Warren Alpert Medical School and Rhode Island Hospital's Orthopaedic Research Department. I assisted with biplanar radiography video capture, completed segmentations, and used MATLAB and Autoscoper for data processing.



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pattern of life

For my internship at Percipient.ai I designed and built the UI from the ground up for a new facial image-curating feature requiring complex user interactions. This project used JavaScript, JSX, React, Redux, and CSS, and involved expanding the existing redux state tree and building new flexible and clean components.

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Implemented depth-first, iterative-deepening, A*, and iterative-deepening A* search algorithms, and used them to solve instances of a Tile Game.

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Used Python and NumPy to build a one-layer neural network to take an image of a handwritten digit and predict its class.

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I created a program similar to Google Drawings in Java using the JavaFX library.

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Recreated the famous tile-matching game of Tetris using Java.


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I have been playing the viola for 13 years, and have been in orchestras for just as long. I have played in groups including the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Symphony Orchestra (pictured above in Carnegie Hall), Rhode Island College Orchestra, Rhode Island All-State Orchestras, and the NAfME All-Eastern Honors Symphony Orchestra.

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I enjoy many different art forms in my spare time. This is a still life drawing of kitchen items.

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sports and more!

I love pretty much all outdoor activies, from tennis to surfing to rock-climbing.

New England Conservatory of Music

As a violist in NEC's Youth Symphony, I commuted to Boston 1-3 times a week for rehearsals and performances, which took place in Jordan Hall and Symphony Hall. We toured Ireland in summer 2015, performing in Galway, Londonderry, and the National Concert Hall in Dublin. Watch our performance in Saint Nicholas' Collegiate Church (Galway) here.

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political science

I am taking a course titled Democratic Erosion, a multi-university consortium that helps students and faculty evaluate threats to democracy both at home and abroad through the lens of theory, history, and social science. Read my recent post on The Implications of the Increasing Politicization of Science in the U.S.

Brown University Orchestra

I have been playing viola in the Brown University Orchestra since freshman year. Every year we host concerto competitions, guest soloists, and composers-in-residence.

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During summer 2019 I travelled to Koutroulou Magoula, Greece, as part of an interdisciplinary archaeological excavation sponsored by Brown's Joukowsky Institute. I participated in the excavation and used Agisoft Metashape to create photogrammetry models of the site. Read the news article about our project here.

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digital illustration

I use Procreate for digital drawing. This image is a step-by-step illustration of a gallbladder removal (a laparoscopic cholecystectomy) that I created as part of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design's course titled Medical Illustrations.


This semester I am taking Introduction to Computer Animation. I created this model of my bottle opener in Maya.

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Besides the viola I also play piano, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, and ukelele. I've started using GarageBand to create arrangements of my own.

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I have dabbled in woodworking and sewing. Pictured above is a bristle brush I made.

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